Saturday, September 11, 2010

1698 erection of St philip's the glebe house History of Charleston

St. Philip's was said to be "large and stately" and to
have a neat palisade around it in Charleston. It shows the good feeling
between the sects that Mrs. Blake (sometimes, as the wife
of a Landgrave and Proprietor, called " Lady Blake "),
who was the daughter of Landgrave Axtell, should have
contributed liberally to the adornment and completion of
St. Philip's, although herself a Baptist. It was endowed
by the piety of that true daughter of the Church, Mr
Affra Coming, who in 1698 " for love and duty
" bestowed
upon it seventeen acres of land just outside the walls.
This land in Charleston , now covered by the "Middle Western" part of
the city, has, as Glebe land, been of great value. Glebe
Street and Coming Street in Charleston keep the memory of the gift and
the donor. A large old-fashioned brick house on the east
side of the former street was, until a comparatively recent
period, the Rectory of St. Philip's, and was always known
as the " Glebe House of the old town of Charleston."

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